Rawson ‘Reed’ is our newest development. The careful selection of high quality denier fibres in Reed gives the product a soft and comfortable feel. A product range to really test the nylon devotees. Modern and persuasive design and colours combine with Rawson’s renowned durability. Could this be the best of both worlds?

Reed Black Marble
Technical Specifications
  • Fibre Type 100% Solution Dyed Polyamide
  • Fibre Weight (+10%) 900g/m2
  • Total Tile Weight (+10%) 4060g/m2
  • Total Thickness (+10%) 7mm
  • Dimensions 50x50mm
  • Backing Material Bitumen with Class crenatta for stability
  • Tiles Per Box 20
Industry Suitability
  • Offices, Corridors, Schools
Performance Durability
  • Extra heavy loop, Heavy contract
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  • Black Marble

    Black Marble

    TILE RET08
  • Highland


    TILE RET06
  • Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach

    TILE RET04
  • Stones


    TILE RET02
  • Waves


    TILE RET01
  • Shadowline


    TILE RET03
  • Moonlight


    TILE RET05
  • Granite


    TILE RET07

Design Studio

Try out Rawson carpets and wall coverings in room settings.

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