A durable broad ribbed heavy contract carpet sheet and tile. The new range of colours allows for more choice and a better aesthetic. This versatile carpet is suitable for installation in the following areas: Schools, Libraries, Universities, Reception and Public Spaces, Sport, Exhibition, Caravans and Boats.

Technical Specifications

Product Description: Tile
Fibre Type: 80% Polypropylene 20% Polyester
Fibre Weight: 900g/m2
Total Carpet Weight: 4100g/m2
Total Thickness: 7mm
Tile Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm
Backing Material: 100cm x 25cm
Tiles or Planks Per Box: 20


Storm SHEET FR542 – TILE FRT542
Graphite SHEET FR550 – TILE FRT550
Dark Grey SHEET FR557 – TILE FRT557
Gunmetal SHEET FR516 – TILE FRT516
Cool Grey SHEET FR558 – TILE FRT558
Indigo SHEET FR518 – TILE FRT518
Pacific SHEET FR530 – TILE FRT530
Moonlight SHEET FR526 – TILE FRT526
Azure SHEET FR548 – TILE FRT548
Atlantic SHEET FR502 – TILE FRT502
Stellar SHEET FR540 – TILE FRT540
Purple SHEET FR561 – TILE FRT561
Aqua SHEET FR560 – TILE FRT560
Forest SHEET FR514 – TILE FRT514
Sherwood SHEET FR538 – TILE FRT538
Coral SHEET FR508 – TILE FRT508
Meadow SHEET FR524 – TILE FRT524
Lime SHEET FR559 – TILE FRT559
Mulberry SHEET FR528 – TILE FRT528
Scarlet SHEET FR556 – TILE FRT556
Earth SHEET FR510 – TILE FRT510
Latte SHEET FR520 – TILE FRT520
Pebble SHEET FR532 – TILE FRT532
Beige SHEET FR504 – TILE FRT504
Brown SHEET FR506 – TILE FRT506

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