Rawson manufactures outdoor sports carpet, outdoor play carpet and UV-resistant synthetic sports surfaces in various weights and colours with bespoke design options. The wide range of outside carpets creative solutions can truly communicate your brand, or evoke the emotion you need – whether fun and creative for children, professional for adult sports or exhilarating to make your venue truly unique.

Contact our team to discuss dedicated professional sports surface solutions including tennis hockey or cricket, or Play surfaces, children’s play areas, putting greens, gyms, sports arenas, exhibitions, indoor trampoline parks, poolside and even boats .

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The Range


An indoor/outdoor carpet solution that is velour styled across 10 outdoor inspired colours. Patio is UV stabilised and is a great solution for Sports surfaces, Cricket surfaces, pool surrounds, boats, roof gardens, golf courses and children’s play areas. A product offering many versatile solutions.

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A specifically engineered flooring solution for areas where spike and sport shoes are worn. Whether a golf or cricket club this antistatic product will provide the required support and resistance. Offered in a range of suited colours, spikemaster not only provides a flooring solution but complements the aesthetic of the environment. Spikemaster is also regularly specified as a secondary entrance barrier flooring in various settings.

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