BLOG: Carpet Tile Innovations

Why Commercial Carpets Are Best for Establishments

Manufacturers define carpets as finished fabric or related products used as floor covering. As the name suggests, commercial carpets are carpets meant for commercial establishments like office buildings. While you can install any type of carpet in your establishment, there […]

How Carpets Can Revitalise a Workspace

The average UK carpet industry’s growth from 2015-2020 is at 0.5%, with a significant amount of carpeting going to workplaces. Carpets can make a huge difference to workspaces. Provided you select the right carpet for your workspace, i.e., a contract […]

Choosing The Proper Office Carpet Tiles

Your floors are used and seen daily, so it follows that both form and function are essential attributes to consider when choosing a workspace carpet. And, considering the “real estate” your office carpet takes up in your facility, it is […]

Spike Resistant Flooring – Keep Your Surface Protected From Spikes and Studs

The solution to providing a surface that accommodates foot traffic from sports shoes such as spikes and studs is limited. The primary role for such a floor covering should be to provide a safe and comfortable walking surface that protects […]

Designer Carpet Tiles

Rawson Carpet Solutions offers a diverse range of designer carpet tiles. These sit primarily in the Solution Dyed Nylon Range section on our site. Solution Dyed Nylon Tiles may feel softer than our heritage needle punch but still offer great […]

School Carpet Tiles

Chester University gets a subtle, yet colourful interior facelift with school carpet tiles from Rawson Carpet Solutions Utilising a new product Dash and highlighting the installation with one of the Heritage ranges Freeway, Chester University’s interior received a nice facelift. […]